Top Tips for Developing a Love of Reading in Children

Reading different books helps develop an imagination and allows you to escape into the world of a good book.  Children need to be exposed to books of different genres to allow them to imagine different worlds.

Some ways you can develop a love for reading in children are:

  • Read to your child every day, let them look at the pictures as you read
  • Allow your child to see you reading whether it be a book or magazine
  • Create a special reading with comfortable cushions, bean bags and lights, have a small book shelve with a selection of books to choose from
  • Ask your child to pick their favorite book, this will help encourage them to have a go at reading it themselves
  • Reading isn’t just about sitting down with a good book, try to encourage different reading moments where ever you are, E.G. shopping lists, recipes, road signs
  • Reread favorite books, this gives them a chance to connect the words and pictures together and gives them an opportunity to spot something they did not see or hear previously.
  • Have different story sacks available with the characters or puppets from the story this will help to bring the story to life and encourage and develop language and storytelling skills.
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