Our Training and Professional Development Center is committed to delivering the best quality of professional development and we select and provide highly qualified and respected professionals in their field to deliver our courses and training programs.

Teacher Training and Consultation

Upon the request of parents or teachers, the Center can provide training to educators on effective strategies for including children with special educational needs in the typical classroom setting. Teacher and teaching assistant training may focus on inclusion techniques, academic accommodations and modifications and IEP preparation and implementation.

Hands-On Workshops

The Center organize and provide workshops and open lectures on the theory and implementation of behavior and academic support, specific applications for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), practical training in therapy techniques and the development and implementation of treatment plans in an environment full of fun and under supervision of BCBA.

Web Based Trainings

Our web-based professional trainings are designed for professionals who practice or have practiced in the area of behavior analysis. We are an Approved Continuing Education (ACE) provider by the BACB ®, and we offer Type 2 CEUs (only for someone with a BCBA license).

Private Training for Organizations

Our experienced team has assisted organizations to train their staff on ABA Principles, Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) V2, Developmental Screening, Inclusion Principles, Behavior Management Techniques, Principles of Healthy Diet & Nutrition, Strategies for Management of Maladaptive Behavior (Crisis Management) and much more.

Parent Training

We provide parental trainings to enhance parental skills and knowledge on effective behavioral management, emotional and communication development, building social skills through positive parent-child interaction and fostering children’s language or literacy development.

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