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In line with our Vision to become the leading technology-driven Educational Institute, our Academic and Technology Resource Center enhances our teaching efficiency and productivity by utilizing e-learning and online resources, teaching and learning apps, multimedia technology, educational software and assistive technology on an interactive resource platform that engages everyone in the learning process.

Ways in which technology can help facilitate a student-centered classroom:

Empower the learner: Interactive online assignments give students opportunities to practice mastering the study material at their own pace. The technologies that support these activities could include wikis, online quizzes and discussion boards.

Adopt technological tools in the classroom to teach: When a teacher adopts technology in the classroom to aid in teaching, this creates learning experiences that complement each other, this helps teachers to optimize their time, efforts and resources and focus more on guiding students, rather than doing all the intensive preparations and arrangements for teaching.

Making the student responsible for his own learning: Teachers should create such courses that allow students to practice building connections with the material and proceed at their own pace. Rather than trying to match up with the learning style of the fellow students of his class, now the student can comfortably practice and develop his skills in his own learning style.

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