Only through continuous learning can we hope to maintain the highest level of professional excellence, meeting the needs of our clients as caregivers. It is recognized that the success of our organization depends on all staff, whatever their role, having the relevant skills, knowledge, and competencies. The Maharat Professional Development Center recognizes that professional development is fundamental to its success.

We provide a variety of professional training for teachers, school shadows, learning support assistant and behavioral therapists to ensure the successful inclusion of our children. Training can be requested at your venue or at our location. Our professional courses include Registered Behavioral Technician RBT, Learning Support Training course, Inclusive Education for teachers, advanced Behavioral therapy training.

Course List

1. Basic Applied Behavior Analysis for Parents
2. Healthy Diet & Nutrition for Children
3. Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviors
4. Parent Guide to Social and Communication Skills
5. Principles of Toilet Training
6. Principles of Feeding Therapy
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