Transitioning to School

Should the recommendation be for the child to be in an inclusive school setting, we can provide supporting documentation, can attend any preparation meetings should the parent/school request it and share information to specify how we plan to support the child, family and school. Once the school/curriculum is decided, the child should be prepared and it is strongly suggested the child be gradually acclimated to classroom/group instruction prior to the commencement of school. This can come in various forms, but some of the more common strategies we use include having the child visit the school, having the child get used to wearing the school uniform and social stories, pictures, books about going into school.

Educational Support at School

Maharat Learning Center supports the inclusion of students with special educational needs, cognitive disorders, development delays and learning difficulties in mainstreams schools. We can provide students with ABA-trained school shadows and paraeducators, assist teachers in developing comprehensive and holistic Individualized Education Plans(IEPs) and Behavioral Support Plans (BSPs), and provide monthly supervision in the school to ensure students are included successfully. We can provide:

  • ABA-trained School Shadows
  • ABA-trained Paraeducators
  • School/Private LSA Training
  • School Consultation
  • Secondary School Support (11+ years)
  • ABA Curriculum in Arabic and English
  • Tutoring and Academic support using ABA principles
  • Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Support IEP development
  • Development of and training in BSPs

Professional Development Program for Schools

At Maharat Learning Center we believe that education is a lifelong need for individual and professional growth. Only through continuous learning can we hope to maintain the highest level of professional excellence to meet the needs of our clients. We provide a variety of professional trainings for teachers, school shadows, learning support assistants and special educators to ensure the successful inclusion of children and young adults. Our professional courses include Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT), Learning Support Training, Inclusive Education for Teachers, Behavioral Management and The Use of Technology in Learning and Communication.

Maharat Learning Center is committed to delivering the best quality of professional development and we select and provide highly qualified and respected professionals in their field to deliver our courses and training programs.

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