Behavior analysis is a scientifically proven approach analyzing and understanding behaviour and how it is affected by the environment.The ABA therapist implements strategies and ABA principles to help many learners acquire many different skills. Since the 1960s, therapists have been applying behaviour analysis to help children with autism and related developmental disorders.

The below course list would help therapist learn principles of ABA therapy and how to implement them in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Course List

1. Registered Behavioral Therapist Course
2. Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
3. Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviors
4. Functional Behavior Assessment (FBAs) and Behavior Support Plans
5. Early Intervention Professional Development Program
6. Incidental Teaching and Natural Environment Training (NET):
7. Executive Functioning (EF)and its Impact on Educational, Communication & Daily Living Skills
8. Theory of Mind (THOM) and Its Impact on Social Skills (Social Competence)
9. Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
10. Introduction to Verbal Behavior / Applied Verbal Behavior (AVB)
11. Data Collection and Graphing
12. Principles of Toilet Training
13. Principles of Feeding Therapy
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