Our Behavioral Intervention team is highly trained with many years of experience in the field of ABA, and has been continuously and effectively implementing programs for children and young adults with cognitive disorders, developmental delays, learning difficulties and/or behavioral difficulties around the world.


Services available from our Behavioral Intervention Center include:

  • 1:1 ABA Therapy in Arabic & English language
  • School Shadows / Paraeducators
  • Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs)
  • Behavioral and Intervention Support
  • Therapist / School Shadow Training
  • Development of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Development of Behavior Support Plans (BSPs)
  • Consultation services for children and young adults enrolled in school
  • Parent, Nanny, Teacher/Learning Support training on the principles of ABA, behavior management techniques, reinforcement, prompting and fading and levels of assistance.
  • ABA International Supervision Program (for clients living outside Dubai)

1:1 ABA Therapy

Our 1:1 ABA Therapy programs work on skill domains such as language, social, adaptive and academic skills, to give children and young adults the functional tools they need to learn, and we use techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior.

Our ABA therapy approach is designed to simplify tasks, use simplified and motivational stimuli and identify skill building approaches, with an emphasis on shaping appropriate behavior, improving overall responsiveness, increasing spontaneity, expanding vocabulary, play/social skills and improving academic skills.

School Shadow Services

As a component to a comprehensive ABA program, the Center provides School Shadowing services. Our School Shadows provide your child with the level of support necessary for them to be successful in a regular education setting.

The School Shadow will understand the child’s specific educational needs and has the skills to promote academic participation and social interactions to make the school day as productive as possible. Our School Shadows regularly consult with classroom teachers and related service providers, modify classwork as necessary, and may pre-teach and post-teach school lessons to ensure new information is learned.

Our School Shadows are skilled in providing the amount of support your child needs to be successful and stepping back when support is not needed in order to promote independence. Through strategic prompting and fading techniques, support is systematically reduced over time. The ultimate goal is your child fully participating in school without shadow support.

ABA International Supervision Program

We can provide an ABA program for your child wherever you live with our ABA International Supervision Program. We offer ABA Program training and supervision in Dubai while parents/therapists run the program at the home country. Parents and/or therapists and child would travel to Dubai every three months to have supervision meetings, get programs updated, receive additional training and address any questions and concerns parents and/or therapists may have.

We can provide training to therapists that have been hired by the families, or in certain cases, parents may be trained. Training includes ABA introduction theory, program implementation to fully understand the child’s individualized program, and direct program training sessions and demonstration of behavioral/educational intervention.

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